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Why Creative Kwe

If you've read my story (psst link to that below) 

you know that the mompreneur life wasn't exactly my big dream. 

Being Creative.. Now that's always been a part of who I am. 


You ever have a dream or a passion and it lingers in everything you do?

That’s what creativity is like for me. 

No matter the job I had, or life I lived, creativity gave me drive, passion and purpose.  

In July 2017, I was given an actual chance to share my passion. A second chance at doing things my way and living for me and my children. 

While running a business was never really part of my plan, I saw a use for my passion. The drive to help others and use creativity as a tool and vessel to make that journey just a little bit easier, even if its only for a few hours. 

Creative Kwe is that dream! 

A company that provides a creative outlet for productivity and dreaming those big dreams! 

I look forward to meeting everyone who has the courage and strength to step out of their comfort zone and dream those big beautiful dreams! 

On a strictly professional note:

For all those curious about my education, experience and professionalism, please check out my LinkedIn


Every experience is customizable

While I typically work with groups of 10-15, I am happy to chat with you about your needs.


For every 5 workshops or events, I donate 1 back to the community

Community Agencies are the backbone and give us strength when we don't have it. My small way of giving back


Your support literally builds us up

Every single workshop puts food on my family's table, puts my kids in their favourite sports and gives validation to this girls dreams

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