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Okay so it’s no surprise that 2020 has decided to seriously give us all a run. I mean a global pandemic and murder bees? WTH?!?

Mental Health of course is usually the first thing to go in high stress times. And forgive me if I’m wrong but this whole thing is a massive stressor! As for myself I live with anxiety, and seasonal affective and have experienced Depression in the past, so this major upheaval has been quite the roller coaster. (Have I mentioned I HATE roller coasters?!) I have been working with and on my mental health for a large part of my life so I have a large roster of healthy coping strategies and where to go for that extra support if I need it.

Mental Health is just as important as Physical Health and the two are partners!

Whether you struggle with Mental Health or not, these are weird and chaotic times, so taking care of yourself is crazy important!! These Mood Boosters are relatively simple but they are oh so effective!!!

My Top Mood Boosters

These are the Top 5 Things I activitely do when I am having a day. (You know the ones!!)

Oh and none of them require large amount of supplies or equipment! BONUS!!!

1) Dance Parties: These are seriously my absolute favourite thing to do, no matter what mood I am in. Choosing an artist or even a simple beat I love and just letting loose. If mobility is an issue (lower back pain is a real b***h) even having a dance party in a chair or on the couch can boost my mood.

My go to Dance Party songs? These days its:

  • Thunder by Imagine Dragons
  • Tempo by Lizzo and Missy Elliot
  • Me Too by Meghan Trainer
  • I Like it by Cardi B

2) Read A “Fun” Book

Sometimes when my focus is off and my anxiety is high, I have to acknowledge that my productivity is not going to be at its prime. These are the times when I break out my books. A romance, horror, mystery. Something that is not akin to learning a new skill. Reading gives me a sense of calm and engages a pleasure sensor in the brain. There is no greater feeling than getting lost in a really good book!

3) Play Outside As we come into the nicer weather, my backyard is my personal haven. It’s the place where my kids feel safe to get dirty, run wild and just have fun. For me its the place where I can see growth, beauty and calm. Playing in my flower gardens, or simply sitting in my yard feeling the sun, my mood is 99% better when I am able to be out in the sunshine.

Please only do so if safe and ensure you are following you local Physical Distancing Guidelines

4) Video Chat with a Friend/Support

This is one of those recommendations, I am sure you see everywhere but its honestly on my list for a good reason. I have a very small circle of support and those are the people in my life that I call when I am really struggling. It’s not always about finding solutions to my issues. Sometimes it’s just being heard and having someone else acknowledge my feelings.

This can include Help Hotlines, Calling a Service Worker or Looking up the Mental Health Supports in your area.

Which one of these Mood Boosters appeal to you? Do you have your own Mood Boosters? Which one are you going to try? I’d love to know! <3 Ashley

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Top Mood Boosters For Any Day

May 5, 2020

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