If you are anywhere near Southern Ontario, then you understand. This past week and the week ahead has been full of sun. And it’s returned as if it knew we needed it the most. I’ve already gotten both my sunburn and tan in 1 week. 

The sunshine is more than a seasonal shift. For myself, it’s a literal beacon of hope. Hope that the warmer days will bring more energy, more play, and more uplifting vibes. More time outside connecting with the waking Mother Earth and the beauty it brings.

Winter is dark, a time for going inward and I’m a total hibernator. This winter though. This one was more than I bargained for. From the nightmarish dips in mental health to that claustrophobic feeling of being stuck, it was a really hard one. Tiny humans struggled as well with both anxiety and all-around feelings of sadness without knowing a solid reason. Their tanks were empty and momma’s love wasn’t filling them enough.

I’m fairly open on my social about my own mental health struggles, and I tend to overshare in the hopes that if others are struggling, they know they aren’t alone. Well Seasonal Affective. Kicked. My. Ass. I have learned along my journey so many coping tools that help me through dips in the winter but I did not realize that more of my tools involve leaving my house while the kiddos are at school. Yeah both kids home and all of us confined to the 4 walls. Even my tank was running on fumes.  

This sunshine, the warmth, the brightness gives me more energy and creativity than I can’t even put into words.  I can spend all my days outside from digging into the dirt (minus the creatures that live in said dirt) to just feeling that warm breeze and sunshine fill my tank. I’ll take it ALL. And while we are still under a stay-at-home order, we are blessed to have a backyard that can house me fueling my creative fire and tiny humans being tiny humans. 

While sunshine has helped, I acknowledge there are times when nothing helps and that’s when it’s time to make the brave and strong step to reach out.

Ask for help.

Ask for guidance.

Ask for support. 

We are all going through this paneramic on different levels.

Some are managing, Some are trying to get through each day.

One thread I’d like to pull and hold space for: No more suffering in silence.

Those are done. Let’s support each other.

Supporting each other simply by asking “What can I do to support you?”

There might be times there is no answer or the answer is unknown. BUT the fact that someone cares enough to ask that question is what matters.

And if all you can do it take 1 step, walk outside, take a deep breath and look to the warmth of that sun. Feel it filling your tank just enough. 


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The Return of the Sunshine

May 19, 2021

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