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I can always count on you to give me a morning pick up.
Savouring each moment with you before the kids get up.
I’m of course referring to my love the beautiful bean of coffee.
My love for coffee is deep rooted and comes in so many forms. Peterborough has established a great hub for all us caffeine cravers and I absolutely adore every shop I visit.
On this National Coffee Day, I’m giving you all my top 3 spots for enjoying this delectable drink, whether cold or hot, steamed or ice!

Kyoto Roaster: Wednesday Farmers Market
The Wednesday market is a staple for me to grab the essentials and of course explore the local vendors. This is where I discovered Kyoto. Somehow I drove by their shop weekly but never took the time to really notice. I certainly have now. My pantry is stocked with Kyoto beans If you’re one of those non caffeine people (do they really exist?) you can still find something here. The herbal teas and fruit infusions make the best evening cup or iced on a hot day. My favourite: Cranberry Dragon Fruit Iced Tea in the soda stream Uhmm YES PLEASE!!
The spring brings many things but for many Peterborough locals, it brings the opening of Silver Bean. This gem of a space is literally my absolute favourite place. Positioned beside the river and space to chat with friends or set up a networking meeting. You will almost always run into someone you know and end up chatting under the shade of their trees or in the beautiful sunshine with the breeze coming off the water. In the summer I can usually be found here, vanilla ice coffee and laptop in the corner. All of my best planning meetings and ideas happen in this magical space. I foresee a Dream Big Party in 2020 here!!
I have recently found this beautiful space and I feel it will become a common space once the weather turns bitter as a dark roast (hehe see what I did there ) From the comfy seating in the window to one hack of a latte, this shop has it all! Oh and my favourite part: It’s baby friendly!! <3

Happy Coffee Day Friends!!!

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Strong, Dark and Reliable

October 1, 2019

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