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In Anishinaabe culture, children sit with Creator and choose their parents. I never thought I would get chosen. I maintained a role of auntie from afar and focused on external happiness. Job, travel etc., etc., 

Then In 2013, I was chosen for the greatest and terrifying role as parent.  Tre'Mikal made his grand appearance into the world and has since shown me how rewarding and challenging parenting can be. Tre is sensitive, wise beyond his years and loves lacrosse and soccer. 

My youngest, Nahmar's entrance into this world was nothing short of a miracle. 

Energetic, full of wonder and a fearless nature at 3 gives this mommy a run for her money. 

This may sound like a ode to my children because it is.  They are literally my world in a smile, happiness in a snuggle and joy in a laugh. 

As you read on you will see just how far we have come. 

In the spring of 2015 just 8 days after my sweet boy turned 2 and being 5 months pregnant, I got the phone call no person ever wants. The father of children, my love was gone. It was a loss that tore my world apart. 

I was thrown into single parenthood without any warning and it was the scariest feeling in the world. Add on to that was the overwhelming grief of losing their dad and it literally broke me. 

It took a year of being lost for me to realize that my kids deserved better than constantly being in survival mode.  

That I deserved better.  Without any prospects or even a house, I picked up our life and moved back home to Peterborough, Ontario. 

As terrifying as it was to move back home with nothing, it was also incredibly freeing. Everything in Niagara was tied to a life I no longer had. It was this decision and the amazing ripple effect afterwards that I came to the realization that I need to find my own happy. MINE. So I did just that. 

I started rebuilding a life that I could wake up smiling to.

And if you ask me today, I'm still creating it. 

It's not a destination, its a journey and I'm filling my journey with happy, positive and purpose. 

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