Journey Home

YWCA movement is known for empowering women and children and assisting them with tools and resources to transition from surviving to thriving, and usually this is in the way of client to staff.

But YWCA Peterborough Haliburton gave me strength in a non typical way… Employment.

Every one in the helping profession from client facing down to behind the scenes in administrative has a story and reason they got into the field. I found that getting involved with the YWCA sparked a passion that had been laying dormant for a long time.

Before everything fell apart, I thought I had it all. A job that paid amazingly, benefits, ability to travel and do all the things. That job came with more than its share of costs though and as much as I’ve come to terms with what that all was, its definitely not something worth sharing about. Shortly after that job dissolved, I made the decision to move home.

If you read Journey Home, you read how I had to reach out to Social Services for help. As a parent, its not only discouraging, but its can be down right embarrassing. YWCA took a chance by hiring a single mom and I soon learned after being hired that that was exactly the environment I needed to be in.

It seemed like it was something I could handle, part time, flexibility and a chance to work with a group that had always held a piece of my heart.. youth. So I applied, was interviewed and got the position. I met a team that literally had me awe struck in how they operated as a team. And I met a manager who just had a calmness around them that you couldn’t help but feel ready to jump in.

Throughout my journey with YWCA, I’ve moved within roles and have settled in helping youth. I am surrounded by amazing women with such a diverse set of skills and passion. Women who all have their own stories as to why they are in the field of helping others. I am inspired every day I go into the main office and talk with colleagues. I am inspired by the courageous women who utilize the services offered and most importantly I am inspired by the strength of this movement.

As I build my business, I always think of YWCA and how so many women and children are going through their own personal turmoil and can’t always see beyond what they’re in.

It sparks the passion to give youth and everyone the tools to see past the piles of turmoil and shit, to work through it and get to the good part. Because even through it may not seem like it.. There is always a good part.

A success, A new adventure. And there will always be amazing people willing to walk beside you to get to that good part.

You can have a passion at work, and you can have passion at home. You just have to work within yourself to find it <3

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Journey Home: Falling in Love with the YWCA

September 13, 2019

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