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I was sitting with my pretty pretty planner outside working hard on the game plan for the next week, when I had someone walk up to me and mention how ‘cute’ my planner was.

“Must be nice to have the time to play in that thing” I giggled and went back to my writing, knowing full well many do not understand the relationship I have with my ‘cute’ planner.

My primary paper planner (Yes I have multiples) is a classic dashboard layout with pink metal discs carved with a heart… If you are a planner person, those heart discs are a brand giveaway and for those of you who aren’t… It’s Stephanie Fleming’s Happy Planner.

If you don’t know who Stephanie Fleming is, go look her up on IG, You will NOT be disappointed. This is a business women who is also immensely creative and inspiring. She started mambi and has turned it into more than a product and brand. It’s a lifestyle… And one I’m proud to be apart of!

To the untrained eye, my pretty pink planner filled with stickers and washi may appear to be a frivolous luxury. Something to do when you’re bored at home and have money to spend. For myself and many who use these, it goes deeper than that. To me these rings are filled with memories… Funny mini stories of the kids, reminders that they played sports and had fun, moments where I grew my business, and planned amazing collaborations.. Self written notes for me to come back to, positive affirmations, gratitude and reminders to work towards my personal and family big dreams. Something about taking a pen or a pencil to paper that is calming and empowering to me.

There are millions of reasons to use/love a paper planner, but other than my personal love for them, here are my top 5!

My Top 5 Reasons I love my planner…

  1. Mental Health: I live with anxiety and a huge issue with this type of mental health, its structure and organization. Having this paper planner allows me to keep at a glance week, month and space to get the immediate scattered thinking onto paper so I don’t lose the idea or thought.
  2. Multiple Schedules: I am a solo parent to two active tiny humans, business owner, motivational speaker and part time employee of a local agency. My days are chalk full of juggling all the hats, roles and responsibilities that come with this life adventure. My paper planner handles all those hats with ease. Don’t get me wrong I love digital calendars too but technology is not reliable. My beauty is.
  3. Positive Self Talk: We all do it… Get frustrated, angry, upset or just feel negative some days. And while it’s great to have positive affirmations at home, your not always home. Each week I fill my planner pages with positive quotes, gratitudes and affirmations so that no matter where I am if I am having a moment, I can look at these and remember to put my tools in place to grow through the moment.
  4. Brain Dump: You don’t have to have anxiety to lose a train of thought or idea in the moment. Living with it just means it happens a lot!! When I carry my planner around with me, I have space to jot down an idea, thought, plan or title for an upcoming workshop when the idea strikes rather than hoping my poor brain remembers it later when I get home. 5.
  5. Memory Retention: This is one of those benefits listing in multiple articles. Writing something pen to paper is proven to increase long term memory. There is more muscle memory to writing words than typing letters. So when you are writing something to paper you are imprinting it into your muscle memory which pushes it form short term to long term.

So while planning may seem like fancy stickers and pens, keep in mind that it can also be an incredibly useful tool for so many other things including mental health and memory retention.

Stay Creative Friends!!


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It’s just a planner…

May 22, 2019

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