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I went into Chapters the other day and found myself in the self help section. I find the coolest books in that section but I also have started to notice the glances of pity or even shame from people walking by. And others who wander into the aisle see the name and race out like they shouldn’t be there. I mean come on, we all adults or at least we should be so when did personal development and self help become a thing to be pitied for?

These books are written by badass people who have gone through some shit and have come out the other side with stories and words of encouragement and I for one LOVE all the books, even through hey guess what? I’m a pretty confident Kwe!

While targeted for those who are down, feeling terrible and needing a a boost to rise out of the dark hole (whatever dark hole that may bed), what about those of us who are confident but still need a little validation once in awhile?

P.S Validation is not an ugly term, its a feel good, warm fuzzy that lets you know, you’re on the right path. At least that’s my two cents.

Short Answer YES!!

Other than reading these amazing books by some awesome people, how can we get better at giving and receiving those positive vibes?

1. Well, you can start by giving accolades. Nice praises, compliments, warm fuzzies, whatever you want to call them. Use them far and wide!

Oh and by the way.. There is nothing wrong with wanting someone to notice the badass work you’re doing, whether personal or professional… Just saying.

2. Stay Authentic… Fake accolades are as bad as fake orgasms. So just don’t do it!

But Ashley, How can I start being more positive and compliment strangers?

Well I’m so happy you asked! It’s really not that hard, I promise. (and I have anxiety about strangers!)

  • See a rocking business trying a new platform? Like it, Comment on it, Share it even.
  • Local restaurant launch a new item? try it and tell them how you liked it.
  • Someone walking down the street with a cool hairstyle, bag, or shoes? Let them know!

These little words of encouragement are the type of thing that makes small businesses and individuals feel amazing and even adds a glitter to their day.

So how about you get out there and start connecting with others and throw some compliments like confetti. And if you see my walking your way, be ready to accept the positive I’ma toss ya!

And of course… always stay creative friends!


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Empowerment for the Empowered

May 6, 2019

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