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When I'm not working on building a collaborative empire, I can be found in my back yard with my tiny humans and gardens <3
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How do you create space for the lunar cycle?  For me, it’s learning how my energy ebbs and flows with each cycle. New Moons mark manifestations whereas the Full Moons are about releasing and making room for new possibilities.  This month marks a very special cycle in the year, one that holds a dear place […]

June 18, 2021

June 13, 2021

So I did a thing.  I mean let’s be honest I’ve done many things since this panoramic has begun. But something recently became official and I am both terrified and ecstatic at the same time. That usually means its something big for me. And it is.  I quit my stable income-providing job. And I’m going […]

If you are anywhere near Southern Ontario, then you understand. This past week and the week ahead has been full of sun. And it’s returned as if it knew we needed it the most. I’ve already gotten both my sunburn and tan in 1 week.  The sunshine is more than a seasonal shift. For myself, […]

May 19, 2021

November 20, 2020

“Trauma creates change you DON’T choose. Healing is about creating change you DO choose.” – Michelle Rosenthal  How true is that?  When you sit down and truly reflect on the traumas you’ve gone through, how many did you choose? I know I didn’t choose to be a widow at 30 while pregnant. Never in a […]

Yes, yes yes I’m backkkkkkk. It feels so good to be back to publishing blogs. I have so much written and I’m excited to be sharing all of the things. For today, I’m filling you in on all the goings ons! On the business front, I’ve been so incredibly busy on creating, learning and just […]

November 5, 2020

May 5, 2020

Okay so it’s no surprise that 2020 has decided to seriously give us all a run. I mean a global pandemic and murder bees? WTH?!? Mental Health of course is usually the first thing to go in high stress times. And forgive me if I’m wrong but this whole thing is a massive stressor! As […]

I can always count on you to give me a morning pick up. Savouring each moment with you before the kids get up. I’m of course referring to my love the beautiful bean of coffee. My love for coffee is deep rooted and comes in so many forms. Peterborough has established a great hub for […]

October 1, 2019

September 13, 2019

YWCA movement is known for empowering women and children and assisting them with tools and resources to transition from surviving to thriving, and usually this is in the way of client to staff. But YWCA Peterborough Haliburton gave me strength in a non typical way… Employment. Every one in the helping profession from client facing […]

It seems I was just writing about the arrival of summer and all the wonders that come from warm weather, free time and all the jazz. And now I’m sitting here at my desk staring at the glaring August 30 date wondering why in the heck August had to do us like that?! There was […]

August 30, 2019

July 13, 2019

Good Morning Blog Readers!! Can you believe we are in the middle of July?? Yeah I can’t. Even more so when I looked at my last post!!! APRIL?!?! June and July have been whirlwinds of travelling, creating, working and keeping those adorable tiny humans of mine entertained. Soon you will see a few blogs on […]

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